Blue Sky Outing - L05
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Sat May 30
Kern Valley Airport (L05)
10649 Sierra Way
Kernville, CA 93238

The March, April and May scheduled fly-ins have been cancelling due to government recommendations to limit social gathering. However, airports and private aircraft are considered “essential” and currently, flying to stay proficient is allowed. Therefore, we are tentatively planning a Blue Sky Outing for May 30th to Kern Valley Airport (L05) for a self-catered picnic lunch. This event is predicated on Social Distancing Guidelines accommodating such events. Therefore, to hold the event, some modifications to the current civil guidelines are required.

Blue Sky Outings are designed to accommodate social distancing and gathering restrictions, but allow us get up in the skies. We selected destinations where we can picnic in an open area for safe social distancing (and with restroom access). Each outing was coordinated with the destination airport authority. You need to sign up for each outing in the Fly-in section of DAF web page so we can inform you of any additional outing details or changes in the plan. By signing up, you agree to the following protocol: Only passengers in personal planes that are current cohabitants of the pilot are allowed. You need to plan to be self-sufficient during the event. Therefore, the picnic lunch will be self-catered to facilitate social distancing.

We will use GroupMe for communications before and during the event. No gathering before or during the event unless following civil social distancing and gathering recommendations.We will use the GroupMe App for all communications. We will organize a GroupMe group for each outing and will use GroupMe for pre-outing planning and during the excursion. There we be no pre-flight gathering at the GAC. Pre-flight information will be disseminated via the GroupMe App. Please let me know if you need assistance with the GroupMe App or are unable to access the App.

So, if restrictions allow it, we look forward to seeing you (at the appropriate distance) at Kern Valley!
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