Upcoming Fly/Drive-In

IMG 6028As all of us look forward to the end of 2020 and a brighter new year, the DAF board has been busy planning a 2021 fly-in program to give us all something to look forward to. Because the pandemic’s status and social congregating regulations are ever changing, we will continue to be flexible with DAF programs. Only time will tell how the new year’s fly-ins will transpire; but we have planned with optimism, so please pencil the dates into your calendar and we will hope for the best. Both lunch and weekend fly-ins are in our tentative list below. Please contact the fly chairperson, Linda Howard, if you have any suggestions for fly-ins or would like to assist in planning.

February 13 - Lunch Fly in to either Rosamond
March 12-14 - Weekend Fly to Paso Robles
April 17 - Lunch Fly in to Apple Valley
May 21-23 – Weekend Fly in to Columbia Camping or Hoteling
June (date TBD) - Weekend Fly in to Ashland, Oregon
July 17 - Traditional Flaming Brisket, Aqua Dulce
August (date TBD) - Hangar Pot Luck
August - Potential Bonus Weekend Fly-in (TBD)
September 11 - Lunch Fly (TBD)
October 1-3 - Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta
November 13 - Lunch Fly (TBD) Hope to see you in the skies in 2021!

Upcoming Zoom Program

Please join our first Zoom meeting, Wednesday, January 20 at 7PM to learn about the Bob Hoover Legacy Foundation as well as the life of R. A. “Bob” Hoover (1922-2016), one of the most gifted pilots and executives in the history of American Aviation. His career spanned seven decades as a fighter pilot, a military test pilot, civilian test pilot, aviation executive and air show performer. General James H. “Jimmy” Doolittle, himself an immortal aviator, called Bob Hoover “The greatest stick and rudder man who ever lived.” As skilled as he was, Bob Hoover’s greatest gift may well have been his tireless commitment to sharing his passion and his knowledge with his fellow aviators – indeed, with any one who had an interest in flying. Bob Hoover was born to the sky. From his earliest childhood until he left us in October of 2016, his focus was flying. He was obsessed with the unknown; with exploring new limits – with making airplanes and pilots better and safer. The Bob Hoover Legacy Foundation supports educational development and mentoringto people of all ages who are pursuing careers in aviation and aerospace.

About our presenters: Local residents Brian and Joan Cochran, who serve on the Board of Directors of the Bob Hoover Legacy Foundation, will share with us about the extraordinary life of Bob Hoover. Brian is the CEO of Pegasus LLC, a boutique real estate development company of transportation and infrastructure facilities with national expertise. Joan is a trial lawyer and civil litigator and the Founding Partner of Cochran, Davis & Associates, P.C.
Please join us for our first Zoom meeting and this interesting program about the Bob Hoover and his foundation. More information on our first Zoom meeting will be emailed to the Membership.

Special Announcements

Take note! The Tower operating hours have changed again, and are now 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM until further notice. Please review the important FAA Torrance Airport Traffic Control Tower Operations and Safety Update.

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