2014 Fly-Ins

IMG 1302-5679The Mystery Fly-in came off without a hitch as about 26 DAFers in 9 planes made the trip to Perris for lunch. After answering the critical questions on the quiz correctly in order to find out the destination, they dodged parachute jumpers and jump planes to get to the Bomb Shelter Cafe for an excellent lunch. There was one go-around in deference to a jump plane asserting local right-of-way, but otherwise we were welcomed in, and had a great view the the jumpers landing right across the runway. The weather cooperated by breaking up just in time for our departure. All in all, another fine trip.

Thanks to the Mystery Committee for creating the quiz and setting up the trip. Volunteers are always welcome to help organize fly-ins, and ideas for future fly-ins are always welcome. Don't hesitate to contact any member of the board.

IMG 1745-5602The Sedona fly-in the weekend of 10-12 October was a big success. About 32 people attended, with 9 airplanes including a chartered jet! Several people drove to take in the Southwest sights along the way. Activities included Jeep Rides, vortex chasing and experiencing, visiting Jerome and Prescott, seeing nearby ancient Native American sites, some hiking, and just relaxing and enjoying the magnificent canyon views. Happy hours were popular events. Saturday dinner was at the Mesa Grill at the airport and near the hotel. The flying weather was great both ways.

Thanks go to Dave Weir for arranging another fantastic fly-in.

IMG 0617-5597September's Fly-in was a lunch run to San Luis Obispo. 30 DAFers made the trip in ten planes and one car.

We were welcomed by the manager, Doug, at "The Spirit of Lt. Louis" restaurant, right on the field. The group took over the patio for great food and lively conversation. Once finished, diners took off in all directions for further fun. Thanks to all who attended. Thanks as well to Lori Delane, who arranged the trip.

IMG 2556The July 12-15 Fly-In to Gold Beach was another fun weekend for the Del Amo Flyers. With 21 DAFers and 10 planes arriving at three different airports, Gold Beach turned out to have a little something for everyone. We spent one day jetboating up and down the Rogue River (getting soaked) and another day picnicking and visiting two of the many great state parks in Oregon, including a lighthouse. Tu Tu Tun Lodge was a treat for everyone. The grounds were absolutely lovely and the breakfasts and dinners were outstanding. A return trip might be in order someday. Thank you for joining us. Liz and Peter

Once again, the Del Amo Flyers returned to Agua Dulce Air Park for the annual Flaming Brisket Fly-in. Mitch smoked 20+ pounds of beef brisket for the occasion, and about 30 DAFers, 14 aircraft and 1 car came to make sure there were no leftovers. The weather was ideal, and this year we had the airport to ourselves. All in all, a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon!

IMG 1873-5362On Friday May 16th approximately 25 DAFers flew into Nevada County Airport near Grass Valley for a weekend of fun in the Sierra foothills. The flight up the San Joaquin Valley was scenic with good weather. Happy hour Friday evening was in the lobby of the Gold Miner's Inn, followed by dinner excursions in nearby historic downtown Grass Valley. Saturday lunch was catered at the Lucchesi Winery. The view of the mountains was panoramic and the wine tasting and gracious owner/hosts added to the ambience. Dinner Saturday evening was at Roger and June's lovely home in the residential airpark at Alta Sierra. A highlight of the evening was the remarkable guitar playing of John Girton who has played with several well known groups including Benny Carter and Kenny Burrell. Sunday included visits to the Empire Mine and other sightseeing in the area. Some lucky ones got a ride in Roger's R44 helicopter on Sunday morning!

DSC 0425-5318-600-450-100-cFriday, May 11, more than forty DAFers descended on Paso Robles for a weekend of food and wine. After a lively cocktale hour at the hotel, the group broke up into more manageable parties to invade area restaurants. Police were on high alert, having been warned of the groups arrival, but no incidents were reported.

Saturday, we found our way to the Steinbeck Winery (some by more circuitus routes than others). After a little history lesson on the family and the vinyard, there was a tasting followed by formation flyovers by the intrepid Nanchang and Glasair team. When the smoke dissapated, we moved down to a shaded grove in the vinyards for a great catered lunch and more wine. Much merriment ensured. Saturday evening, the cocktale hour was much more subdued. In a shocking display, Joe Cogan was observed drinking a diet Coke! (The photo has been sold to TMZ, and should be spiking on the internet by now.) The group again divided up into smaller parties and headed to dinner, switching restaurants to avoid being eighty-sixed.

Sunday, after a leisurely morning, the group returned to Torrance. Thanks to Wayne Grau for his efforts arranging the trip.

IMG 0101-5073-800-600-100On Saturday, March 14 about DAF thirty members arrived at KCNO to enjoy two legendary aviation attractions, Flo’s Airport Café and Yanks Air Museum. After an easy flight, most of us “tailed it in” along the fence at Yanks which is located on the NW corner of the airport. The Haralambos needed a slightly more capacious spot nearby.

We all walked up to Flo’s for some fine dining, or at least acceptable lunches. If you haven’t been to Flo’s for about twenty or thirty years, some things never change. Then we divided into two groups and headed back to the museum where two docents lead us on personalized tours of this amazing collection.

The museum, restoration hangar, boneyard and a Constellation AWACS were all open to us. However, there were slight differences in the experiences of the two groups. The first one got to ride on the Airplane Merry Go-Round (videos on website for evidence). The second got to meet the owner of the museum and hear a fascinating presentation from him.

All headed home after a covering as much ground in the museum as the GPS direct route to KCNO, and it is reported that many enjoyed adult beverages upon arrival at KTOA. Probably in several locations!

IMG 0865-4895-800-600-10038 DAFers, including a contingent from Santa Rosa, descended on Loreto for the February Fly-In and Whale Watch. "Aircraft needing a margharita, say your location" was the call from the tower, and the response was immediate, although paperwork on landing was a little slow.

Saturday morning, after a sunrise breakfast and a van ride across the peninsula, we boarded our boats at Magdalena Lagoon. THe weather was perfect, not too hot but with plenty of sunshine. Whales were not only watched, but petted and given belly rubs. Up close and personal was the phrase of the day.

The hotel, with it's sunrise view across the gulf, was excellent and the bar well stocked with tequila. Aside from the brisk competition for the Bonehead award, it was a fantastic trip and a great time. Thanks to Dave Weir for arranging everything.

More than forty DAFers stormed the decks of the USS Iowa for the January Fly-in (or Drive-in, if you want to get technical about it). Led by our able and knowledgeable guides, we toured the ship and enjoyed the perfect blue skies and warm weather. The only setback was Craig Narr's hernia from trying to sneak out with a 16" shell under his shirt.

After the tour, we adjurned to the 22nd Street Landing Restaurant for an excellent lunch. Thanks to Liz and Peter Broen for arranging a great outing!