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Catalina Airport Fly In Group Photo Twenty-six miles across the sea, Santa Catalina is a-waitin’ for me

Six planes and ten DAFers made their way to the Airport In the Sky for lunch. We enjoyed lunch on the patio of the DC-3 Grill. The buffalo burgers and DC-3 Grill cookies are never disappointing. The pilots were challenged not by clouds but smoky skies from all the wildfires in California. The smoke decreased visibility as we departed KTOA. The Airport In the Sky was above the smoke layer. After lunch several DAFers decided to challenge themselves and took the Airport Loop hike in the hot and smoky air. The smarter DAFers socialized and enjoyed the shade on the patio. Six DAFers stayed at Catalina and camped at the airport Saturday night. They enjoyed a pleasant evening that included our traditional happy hour and a potluck dinner. The campers enjoyed fresh coffee and treats upon awakening. The airport was peaceful in the morning. Then back to the DC-3 Grill for breakfast before departing back home.