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The Del Amo Flyers Board is proud to announce the launch of the new Del Amo Flyers Facebook and Instagram pages. These two social media platforms will not only facilitate closer engagement with you on activities sponsored by the club, but will also create a virtual place for you and your fellow DAFers to share experiences, discuss topics, or just sound off!

In addition to the Del Amo Flyers public Facebook page, we’ve created a private, members-only group so we can communicate among ourselves regarding fly-ins (“hey, I need a ride...any open seats?”), share personal thoughts and images from fly-ins, announce ad hoc hanger hangs, or share with the members your latest project, tips and tricks, or grips!

In order to make the Facebook “launch” a success, we need each and everyone of you to ensure you’ve “liked” and are following the Facebook page. Follow these steps if you're not sure on how to do it:

1. Log into your Facebook account if you're not already

2. Go to the Del Amo Flyers Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/delamoflyers

3. Make sure you "LIKE" the page and that you are currently "FOLLOWING" the page

4. Click the "VISIT GROUP" button to move to the Private members-only group page:

IMG 0075
This will ensure you receive all the public info the Club wants to get out to the World. You can also comment on and share posts with others that come from Del Amo Flyers. This is how you can spread the word about our club's activities with others outside the club, like if a great speaker is presenting at an upcoming dinner meeting.

5. Click "JOIN GROUP" to submit a request to join the private members-only group. We moderate who is allowed into this group, with current members only to be admitted:

IMG 0076
Share any and all in the private group. As mentioned, it can be for fly-in coordination, sharing tips and tricks, or just yapping with fellow DAFers.

For those that share photos via Instagram, you can follow Del Amo Flyers on IG as well. The username to search for is DELAMOFLYERS. We'll do a primer on that platform next month!