2019 Fly-Ins
October 12th 2019 was the Del Amo Flyer's annual Mystery Fly-in
We had 6 Teams which ended up being 11.5 contestants.
The test was composed of 27 questions for a total of 205 points.
It was a timed quiz, so in addition to answering questions correctly, points are awarded or deducted according to the total time used to take the quiz.

First, a little review of a couple of questions:

What is this?
DAF Jim Gerlach Trophy
a. DAF First Mystery Fly-in Award
b. Young Eagles Excellence Award
c. DAF Jim Gerlach Memorial Air Rally Trophy
d. None of the above

Extra Credit – Used in a tie breaker
Which Fly-in this year had the greatest attendance? ____________

And a scrambler, shame shame shame...
LAEDLSEYMOFR __________________________

After the tests were in, teams had to unscramble to determine where they where headed.

A scrambler works well for this:
RNLFLYEACHVE __________________________

Everyone headed out once they turned in their destinations.

It ended up being a wonderful weather day, we all met up at the restaurant in French Valley for a great lunch and ended up with 13.5 people.

Now on to the answers:

What is this?
c. DAF Jim Gerlach Memorial Air Rally Trophy

Extra Credit – Used in a tie breaker
Answer: Bermuda Dunes had the greatest attendance of 45 people
The scramble... LAEDLSEYMOFR Answer: Del Amo Flyers

On to the results:

We had:
6 Teams
11.5 contestants
2 committee
27 questions

Perfect score would be 205
High Score 155
Low 45

And the winner was: Mitch Taylor