SAC bikersOn the last weekend in September, 15 DAFers assembled in Sacramento for our September Fly-In.  The marine layer in Torrance forced some later-than-planned departures, but everyone was able to make the Friday night Happy Hour.  Our group then wandered over to the annual Farm-to-Fork street fair that was happening just a block from our hotel.  Getting hungry, most of our group met up for an impromptu dinner at the nearby Il Fornaio where we were seated in our own private dining room.

On Saturday morning, Steve Sappington made arrangements for everyone in the group to rent bikes and tour along the American River trail.  The cool, partly cloudy weather was perfect for the bike ride.  Everyone completed the 20 mile ride unscathed except for a couple of minor falls (although your author was seriously contemplating heading to the hospital after the ride for an emergency butt replacement).

During Happy Hour on Saturday night, just about everyone received an emergency blast on their phones.  It wasn't an Amber Alert, but an alert from the National Weather Service issuing a tornado warning.  That's right - a tornado alert in Sacramento!  Although advised to seek shelter, the DAFers did what DAFers do - run outside to see what was happening.  One part of the sky had a glowing green hue, the other part was black (except when lit up by the frequent lightning).  We all walked to the nearby restaurant for our planned group dinner and seated in a covered patio right overlooking the river.  Normally this would have been a perfect spot on a late September evening, but the wind and rain forced us to move to a more sheltered table (the restaurant staff was very accommodating).  Following a great dinner, we went back to the hotel and enjoyed a well-deserved nightcap.

The weather on Sunday morning couldn't have been more different - a crisp but sunny fall day.   Many in the group walked over to the California Railroad Museum (a great attraction), while some went over to the State Capitol and toured the grounds. And then everyone flew or drove home under sunny skies.

Thanks to Larry and Jodie for hosting the fly-in, and to Steve for arranging the bike ride.