Agua Dulce 2018 1a-8917The DAF returned to Agua Dulce for the biggest Flaming Brisket Fly-in ever. 51 DAFers and 99s brought 18 aircraft and 2 cars to the picnic. The weather was warm, with some wind gusts, but with the trees and the umbrellas it was quite pleasant in the shade. The folks at Agua Dulce were friendly and very helpful; you couldn't ask for a nicer place. The arrivals got a little hectic, with quite a few aircraft arriving at the same time, but everyone kept up the communications and there weren't any problems. Mitch brought about 20 pounds of brisket, and there wasn't much left; at least the aircraft was lighter on the way back! All in all, a great day, and we hope the 99s will join us again for more fly-ins.