40 DAFers in 13 aircraft descended into Chino on a warm and beautiful Saturday to visit SkyTypers, the nation's premiere   skywriting company.  Stephen Stinnis, grandson of the company's founder, along with his colleague Darwin could not have been more hospitable to our group.  They had chairs and water waiting for us along with a fascinating display of SkyTypers history.  After spending quite a bit of time answering many questions from the attentive DAFers group, Stephen let us view a recent video profile of SkyTypers produced by a German documentary company (the film is now making the rounds at various film festivals and receiving great reviews).  After a few more questions, DAFers were given the opportunity to have a close-up inspection of the specialized aircraft used for sky typing.  Our fly-in ended with a nice lunch at Flo's Airport Cafe.  A beautiful day for flying combined with some aviation education and a great lunch - who could ask for more.  Thanks to Larry Chapman for putting the event together.