2017 Fly-ins

October saw another successful DAF Fly in with 19 participants, 8 aircraft, and 14 lunch participants. This year included the second annual malevolent mystery mishap by the voltage-sucking battery vampire preventing one plane (not two like last year) from participating. Of those that flew to Brackett, it is worth noting that the first plane to arrive at the destination was Kel Vanderlip in his Cessna 150. A bit of a coup considering horsepower and cruising airspeed of the later arrivals! The lunch bunch enjoyed a sunny, if fire-induced hazy, view of the San Gabriel Mountains and the airfield traffic. The group was unexpectedly treated to the Brackett Antique Aircraft Display/Car Show which is normally held the third Sunday but for some reason was Saturday (contrary to their website and published media). A hardy few walked over to view the Puddingstone Reservoir before heading back to home base.