2017 Fly-ins
 Ye-Haw!  We had a wonderful time in Prescott, Arizona last month as 17 of us wandered our way around the historical town. Did you know Prescott was the first capital of the Arizona Territory?  Me neither, but now I do!  Between having beautiful weather, something for everyone to do, staying at a hotel of the 1927 era, and of course the fun of being together as DAFers, it was a great weekend!  Friday night included the “Art walk” on Whiskey Row, and dinner together. The Hassayampa Hotel was a delight, including an elevator from the 20’s, and the Peacock Dining Room gave us our own room for dinner on Saturday night.  Hmmm….did our reputation for loudness precede us??  During the day, folks went wine tasting, hiking around interesting and beautiful Watson Lake (do you know what a “granite dell” is?), checking out the little shops in town, and/or/maybe a rumor I heard about something involving guns? Happy hours were “cozy” but the company was great, and we had time to get to know new friends, and catch up with folks we hadn’t seen for awhile.