2017 Fly-ins
The airport at Furnace Creek was filled to overflowing as the DAF arrived in force for a lunch/overnight/whatever fly-in. 32 people and around 13 aircraft showed up, some arriving Friday afternoon, some just for lunch on Saturday, and others staying until Sunday to enjoy the heat. There weren't any flowers, unfortunately, but the weather was great. The people at the Inn were very helpful, with the shuttle ferrying people back and forth, and the dining room there was quite nice. That evening, the overnight crowd had cocktails in Roger and June's room, followed by dinner at the steakhouse. Evindently there was some problem tracking down the cow, as it took quite a while for our orders to show up! Once it arrived, though, it was very good, and everyone had a great time.

Thanks to Laurice for putting things together. Another resounding success!