2016 Fly-Ins
For our July excursion, twenty plus DAFers made the flight to Bend Oregon, home of the Sisters Quilt Show, the Bend Ale Trail, Lava Butte, and a host of other activities. A number of people either came early or made Bend part of extended trips, so there was plenty going on. There were some low clouds and a little rain for those arriving that afternoon, but nothing that required a clearance. The traditional cocktail hour in Larry and Jodie's room was followed by a breakup into smaller groups for dinner; some more adventurous DAFers briefly attended the adjacent music festival. 
Saturday, the group dispersed to enjoy kayaking, bike riding, fishing (as opposed to "catching"), hiking, and touring Lava Lands. The weather was beautiful, with perfect temperatures for outdoor pursuits. After the day's action, another cocktail party was followed by a group dinner at Greg's Grill in the Old Mill District. Good food and good company, with a great view of the river.
Sunday, the weather was back to some low clouds and a little rain, but again nothing that prevented a safe VFR flight. Everyone had a safe trip home, including those who made a few other stops on the way. 
Thanks to Larry and Jodie for arranging the trip, and special thanks to Nancy Schunke for setting up Saturday's dinner.