2016 Fly-Ins
This month’s Flaming Brisket fly-in fell afoul of June gloom, with marginal conditions at Torrance and even worse at Ague Dulce. However, all was not lost! The crack Volunteer Party Brigade swung into action, setting up tables and chairs by the picnic table in the East Ts. Food was unwrapped, the brisket was sliced (well, hacked really), and the picnic began. 45 or more DAFers ate, drank and generally had a good time. Somehow, thirty pounds of brisket disappeared, along with a large assortment of sides.

The sun made a bit of an appearance as the day wore on, and the temperature was about ideal. Despite the lack of aviating, it was a great day. Many thanks to all the volunteers who got not only got everything set up, but stayed to take it down and put it all away. It couldn’t have happened without them.