2016 Fly-Ins

The DAF fly-in to Rosamond Airpark was a rousing success, with 18 aircraft and 37 or more people descending on El Indio Restaurant for lunch. The weather was great, and there was plenty of time for conversation as the size of the group overwhelmed the kitchen. However, once it arrived the food was very good, and the people at the restaurant were quick with drink and chip refills while we were waiting.

After lunch, Craig and Wayne put on some impromptu fly-bys, after Craig graciously used his smoke system to give Wayne a special anti-corrosion oil bath. Unfortunately, visibility in Wayne's cockpit was reduced to the point where he couldn't find the latch to close the canopy; at least his hair stayed in place the rest of the day! Peter and Steve followed suit with a quick pass (emphasis on "quick"), and then everyone headed out for the trip home. After the headwinds on the way up, the trip home was quite a bit faster. Thanks to Linda Howard, Robert Beckwith and Maggie Smith for their work setting it up.