2015 Fly-Ins

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Our annual Mystery Fly-In was held on Saturday November 7. Participation was excellent - 18 people grouped into eight teams took the quiz for a chance in winning the coveted Mystery Fly-In Trophy as well as to determine our fly-in destination for the day. This year's test format was a little different. Points were awarded or deducted based on the time it took to complete the quiz, and a few "difficult to Google" questions were included. As quizzes were turned in, an additional letter of the destination airport's name was revealed in scrambled form.

The destination turned out to be Hemet-Ryan Field. Twenty-four people in eight aircraft made the trip and were treated to an excellent lunch at the Hangar One Cafe. Barbie, the owner of the cafe, came in just to make sure we were well taken care of. The food was excellent (especially the home-made pies) and you could not have asked for a nicer day to fly.

A special thanks to Peter, Wayne, Dane, Mitch, Joe and Larry for coming up with the quiz and grading the results.