2012 Fly-Ins

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The Del Amo Flyers annual Agua Dulce Flaming Brisket flyout was held on Bastille Day (July 14th) and was a huge success. The group met at the Torrance General Aviation Center at 10 AM under low clouds and limited visibility. The organizer, however, arranged for the field to go VFR just prior to the 11 AM launch time and everyone departed. The participants were greeted at Agua Dulce with light winds and pleasant temperatures. The group took over the picnic tables in the grassy area next to the terminal and enjoyed the shade, while the food was assembled. There was plenty of Mitch's fantastic brisket to go around together with an outstanding variety of the dishes flown in by the participants. Great work everyone.

Participants included an estimated 14 airplanes, 2 cars, 30 people and at least 2 dogs. Some planes and faces new to the DAF were seen on the ramp at Agua Dulce as evidence that the DAF family is growing.

Three members of the Tiger Squadron arrived at Ague Dulce in a parade formation. The two CJs and Yak separated in the overhead break and landed individually on the narrow runway. Because they avoided temptation and didn't execute any low passes (with smoke), the DAF may be able to go back next year.

Thanks, Mitch, for another outstanding event.