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Stormy weather on Friday, April 13 didn't deter a resolute group of DAFers from attending the April Fly-In to Cambria. The weather forced most of those who came up Friday to drive rather than fly. While the pounding rain would have convinced lesser folk to turn back, thoughts of a waiting Happy Hour at Lisa and Curtis' room kept everyone focused on the mission at hand.

Saturday brought much nicer weather and a chance to appreciate the magnificent scenery surrounding our hotel (which was also very nice). By Saturday afternoon, 32 DAFers in 11 cars and 4 aircraft had converged to attend the evening tour of Hearst Castle. After an earlier-than-usual Happy Hour, the group had an excellent dinner at the nearby Manta Rey restaurant and then proceeded to the Castle.

We reached the Castle just before a stunning sunset. Divided into three groups, we toured the pools, guest house and main house. The docents guiding us were quite knowledgeable and entertaining - everyone learned something. (On a personal note, this editor thought the decor was a little spartan. With all that money, you'd think that Hearst could've afforded to 'zazz things up a bit.)

Thanks to Lisa Hahn for all of the planning and organization that went into this. Everyone had a great time.