2011 Fly-Ins

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March 12, 2011.  Mary Falstrom selected the Skidmark Restaurant at Apple Valley for our March fly-in. It seemed we may have used up our "good luck flying weather" when we meet at the General Aviation building on Saturday morning. As we sat and considered our options, the weather improved to an 1800' ceiling with 3000' reported tops and forecast to clear in the afternoon. 24 folks from TOA in 8 planes decided to go. We were meet by Sid and Joan who flew up from San Diego. Unfortunately Larry and Jodie found they had a dead battery, so the two of them along with Mitch and Jan didn't make it. In the end 22 Del Amo Flyers in 8 planes put the Skidmark Restaurant to the test. The food was good but their little 2' by 2' grill was clearly overwhelmed. After lunch we packed back into our trusty steeds and headed for home. Peter and Liz left first and I was surprised to find him doing the overhead approach just in front of me at Torrance, I thought WOW, this old Bonanza still has it! Later on I found out they'd stopped for fuel on the way home. Oh well! ...Wayne

Thank you Mary for a great fly-in!